+ Parking

Where Can I Park?

There is a city parking structure located behind the theatre. The entrance to the structure is on Peabody Street. First 2 hours are free! When parking here, exit the structure at the NW corner and make your way up our brick walk way and use our South entrance. You'll see our South entrance awning which reads BIRMINGHAM!.

+ Birthday Party Packs

What is a Party Pack?

Celebrate birthdays at the movies with the Birmingham 8 Party Pack. 10 or more children for only $10.50 each and the birthday child is free! Children 12 & under please. Includes movie admission tickets and Kid’s Pack (small drink, popcorn and small candy).

+ School Groups

What qualifies a school group?

Any school purchasing tickets with a minimum of 50 students.

What is the price?

$5.75 per student.

What time can my school group come?

Show times vary between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM before the theatre opens.

Will concessions be opened /closed?

Concessions can be open for general purchase or closed based upon request.

Can we pre purchase concessions?

Yes, concession items may be pre-purchased and set up “Grab & Go” style for students.

+ Donations

How can I make a Donation?

Since establishment the Birmingham 8 has been a proud active participant in the communities we serve. 

  • All requests must be made no later than 30 days prior of the event.


  • Letter of request must include:
    • Description of Request (if the donation requested is for an event, describe the event and include: date, location, and expected attendance).
    • How will your organization recognize Birmingham 8’s support?
    • When donation is needed?
    • Contact name and phone number
  • Submit request by US Mail to: 
                                     Birmingham 8
                                     Donation Request
                                     211 S. Old Woodward
                                     Birmingham, MI 48009


  • Fax No. (248) 723-6231

All donation requests must be mailed, emailed, faxed or dropped off.
* All donations must be in writing.  
* No cash donations will be provided.

Due to the numerous requests, a Birmingham 8 representative will contact you should your request be approved.


+ Corporate/Social and Private Events

What does the rental include?

A guest/client rents the particular theatre for use up to three hours. In-house movies may be shown free of charge. Other movies and presentations are subject to additional pricing.

What size theatres do you have?

The theatres are between 25 – 140 seats. Some are equipped with power recliners.

Can I bring in Food & Beverage?

No outside food or beverage of any type is allowed. However we do offer catering service.

Is there alcohol available?

Alcohol service is available for private events. Please call (248) 723-6230 for details.

What are my movie choices?

Any in-house movie playing is available. 3D movie are subject to theatre restrictions and additional charges.